even the slightest

you'll be mesmerized.

Welcome dearest visitor. You have managed to stumble upon Transcendent, a future dedication for the wonderful BL manga-ka, Yoneda Kou. For now however, Trascendent hosts the approved fanlisting for Yoneda-sensei's doujinshi circle: Raw./NITRO Koutetsu. If you are a fan, please don't hesitate to join!

You will find the navigation to your left - on the wall shelf. Frame will lead you to the information section, while Star shall bring you to the fanlisting section, Paint palette to the bare-bones of Transcendent and lastly, the Film roll shall lead you back here. Also, to scroll on the content, hover over the cards and dice to your right to scroll upwards or downwards. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me here Thanks!

with love,

Updates regarding Transcendent can be viewed at snow-bubble.